HIDA LEATHER® is a leather brand self-developed in 2017 to utilize our important local resource, Hida beef, in furniture making, a local industry. The brand exists on the basis of trust with various related institutions.

The leather is tanned with vegetable tannin to match the aging process of wood products, leaving natural marks such as skin texture to give the leather a natural look. The leather is not painted with pigments, which would deteriorate it, but is dyed to beautify it over time. HIDA LEATHER® is a sustainable leather that will continue to exist as long as people live.

To avoid wasting resources, we have established a system in which only the necessary amount of leather is made from raw hides. Therefore, it is possible to control the color, expression, and softness of the leather. On the other hand, there is a disadvantage that the quality at the raw hide stage is unknown and the quality is not stable from lot to lot. We dare to use Hida beef hides as hides that cannot be used without the understanding of both the manufacturer and the user as to how to effectively utilize the Hida beef that the producer has worked so hard to raise. It is a leather that requires consideration of what is sustainable.

HIDA LEATHER®(ヒダレザー)は、2017年、私たちの大切な地域資源である飛騨牛を、地場産業である家具づくりで活用するために自社開発した皮革ブランドです。様々な関係機関との信頼のもとにブランドが存在しています。

木製品の経年変化と合うように、植物タンニンによる鞣(なめ)しを行い、シボなどのナチュラルマークをそのまま残すことで、自然な表情を持つ革に仕上げています。また、劣化してしまう顔料による塗装は行わず、革を染色することで、経年美化する革となっています。HIDA LEATHER®は、人の営みが続く限り存在し続けるサスティナブルな皮革です。