HIMEKOMATSU(ヒメコマツ)は、人の良質な睡眠をサポートするためのブランドです。睡眠の質や肌質を改善する効能をもつ酢酸ボルニルを揮発する飛騨高山産ヒメコマツ材を使い、加工方法なども含め、いかに効率良く成分効能を活かせるかを研究し開発されました。九州大学農学院と岐阜県生活技術研究所に分析を依頼し、木材からの低濃度 酢酸ボルニルによる人への影響を分析した結果に基づいています。

HIMEKOMATSU is a brand to support good sleep. HIMEKOMATSU was developed using Hida Takayama's Himekomatsu ( Japanese white pine, five needle pine, Pinus parviflora ) wood, which releases bornyl acetate, which is effective in improving sleep quality and skin quality, and researching how to efficiently utilize the effects of the chemicals, including processing methods. This is based on the results of an analysis of the effects of low concentrations of bornyl acetate from timbers on humans, commissioned by the Kyushu University Faculty of Agriculture and the Gifu Prefectural Institute of Life Technology.


木材産地 sourcing


The high quality Himekomatsu (Japanese spruce) wood we use is harvested in Hida Takayama during the winter season. In order to avoid frost damage, trees in winter have as little moisture as possible in their bodies. This is because this greatly affects the drying of the wood. In addition, research over the past few years has begun to show that differences in component content are related to geology, and Hida Takayama positions Himekomatsu wood from mineral-rich areas as the highest rank and uses it in conjunction with our products.

天然乾燥  Natural drying


Normally, lumber is naturally dried for about six months and then artificially dried (at high temperatures) for several weeks before being distributed as lumber. However, high-temperature drying causes loss and denaturation of the components, and the natural components cannot be used. Especially for headboards and sofa beds, we start drying the wood slowly indoors six months prior to processing, allowing the wood to experience the same environment (temperature and humidity) as in the bedroom where it will be used, while slowly processing and manufacturing it.

仕上げ finishing 古来の技術の意味


Sanding, which is commonly used, finely fluffs the wood surface so that moisture tends to stay on the surface, which can cause mold if the wood is not painted. On the other hand, wood finished with a sharp blade such as a Kanna, an ancient hand tools, gives the wood a beautiful luster. Unpainted wood is more prone to stains, but since there is nothing blocking the ducts that are the exit points for the components, the components that emanate from the wood are abundant, and the natural wood can be enjoyed.

槍がんな Yari-ganna


The Yari ganna is one of the oldest carpentry tools in Japan, having been used from ancient times until the Middle Ages. It is believed to have been used until the Kamakura period (1185-1333), around the 16th century, when dai-kanna (planes) were introduced from the continent. However, due to the spread of dai-kanna, which could sharpen wood without worrying about the grain of the wood, the yari ganna was only preserved in documents and paintings, and its manufacturing method and technique had long been lost. However, it was restored at the end of the 20th century through research and analysis of various materials such as documents, excavated artifacts, and the shaving marks on the pillars of the time by Tsunekazu Nishioka, a great master builder of the Showa period who rebuilt the Kondo of Yakushiji Temple in the 20th century, and others. As mentioned above, the dai-kanna, which can be finished regardless of the grain of the wood, is easy to work with. However, while the dai-kanna has a straight finish in one direction, the yariganna follows the direction of the wood grain, allowing the wood's natural texture to be expressed. The finish and soft feel of the planer give it the feel of the ancient architectural masterpieces that Tsunekazu Nishioka tried to recreate.

適切な木材量の存在 Presence of adequate wood volume


The proper amount of wood exists, not just to use Himekomatsu wood. Research has shown that if we overuse it and increase the concentration of its components, it will no longer have a calming effect on the brain. We try to use the right amount of wood from the standpoint of resource conservation.

削り直し Maintenance


The amount of wood releases chemicals decreases gradually due to oxidation and denaturation of the wood surface, dust, and other contaminants. However, it is possible to restore the releasing chemicals by resurfacing. From the point of view of efficacy, regular maintenance is recommended (every 5 years is recommended). Maintenance consists of slightly resharpening the surface with a Kanna or Yariganna (depending on the product). Since the amount of shaving is less than 1 mm, the product can be used for many years.

循環 cycle


Himekomatsu (Japanese white pine trees) is a limited resource because it is rarely planted. We have begun activities to increase the number of Himekomatsu for the next generation, rather than simply using them. In order to minimize the amount of wood that is disposed of as lumber, we also take back lumber that is no longer needed for our products.



Scent-bag セントバッグ


The amount of the component's release is correlated with its surface area, while its release time is correlated with its volume. This product, filled with Kanna shavings, is a product that takes advantage of the efficacy of bornyl acetate, one of the chemicals of Himekomatsu. For more information, please visit our online store (click on the picture).

Block object ブロックオブジェ


The object is polyhedral in order to increase its surface area, and all surfaces are finished with a Kanna to take advantage of the wood's natural beauty and the effects of its releasing chemicals. Each piece varies in shape and number of knots. Please visit our online store for more details.

Head board ヘッドボード


The concentration of chemicals necessary for a good sleep depends on the size of the room and the interior finish. Therefore, we will calculate and propose the appropriate amount of wood for your bedroom. Each piece is carefully finished with a Yari-ganna, a traditional Japanese tool. Since the work involves installation on the wall, it is necessary to confirm the current situation and drawings. We can also consult with you on bedroom remodeling. We can also consult with you on painted walls that do not pollute the indoor air quality, bedding made entirely of natural materials, and more. Please contact us by e-mail. Mail:

納入実績 Customer

A house / Fukuoka / 2023

Auberge HIDA NO MORI / Takayama Gifu / 5 guest rooms / 2022

Sofa Bed ソファーベッド


We are developing a single size sofa bed that can be used as a sofa during the day and a bed at night. The wood is finished with a Yari-ganna finish that does not interfere with the dissipation of its chemicals, reproducing the look and feel of ancient Japanese wood while maintaining the air quality in the room suitable for sleeping. The mattress is made of a wood spring that does not interfere with the earth's natural magnetic field, and a mattress filled with wool or horsehair and covered with stretchable cotton. Two cushions are included, one for the backrest and one for the armrest. Please contact us by e-mail. Mail:

Space for good sleep 眠るための空間


We offer space for a good sleep. Please email us at


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