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TALK Living with Trees: In Conversation with Makino Yoshiyuki and Kevin Martin at Japan House London
Trees breathe CURE FURNISHING™
~ Visualize what you cannot see or feel ~

FUSHI is committed to utilizing the rich diversity of Japan's forest and local resources by researching the effects of forests and trees on people and latent local resources, and applying the results to new product development.

We are particularly interested in the chemicals trees release, which can be described as the breath of the tree, wood (timber/lumber). In the future, our goal is to add tree volatiles as a positive indicator to indoor air quality, which currently has only negative indicators. To achieve this goal, we believe it is necessary to maintain and increase forest resources rich in diversity, and we are conducting research to increase biodiversity to ensure multifunctionality by considering our own forests as biotopes. We are also conducting research with Kyushu universities and NICT (The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) on the development of sensors for trees and the efficacy of low-concentration chemicals which timbers release necessary for air quality indicators in order to solve various problems in wood distribution.

As a result of our research and development, as of 2022, we are developing HIMEKOMATSU, which uses chemicals that timbers release to support good sleep, HIDA LEATHER®, which is made from Hida beef hides using only vegetable tannin, and FUSHI TOUR, which helps people understand new relationships between trees and people. We will continue to develop tree-related businesses in the future. 

Furthermore, we recognize that forest resources and other local resources are the common property of all people, and we would like to share our research results and collaborate with business partners who share the same aspirations as we do.

〜 見えない、感じないものを可視化する 〜



研究開発の成果として、2022年現在、木材の揮発成分で人の良質な睡眠をサポートするHIMEKOMATSU(ヒメコマツ)、植物タンニンのみで製革する飛騨牛皮革 HIDA LEATHER®(ヒダレザー)、樹木と人との新たな関わりを知るためのFUSHI TOUR(フシツアー)を展開しています。今後も樹木に関わる事業を順次、展開していきます。



FUSHI Ltd. / 株式会社 FUSHI since 2022 

CEO : Yoshi-yuki Makino / 牧野泰之

   Tree Efficacy Researcher / woodworker

   樹木効能研究家 / 木工家

Kurumidani 7019-5, Ichinomiyamachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu, 509-3505, Japan

509-3505 岐阜県高山市一之宮町クルミ谷7019-5

TEL : (+81)050-3708-3970

FAX : (+81)0577-53-3288

MAIL : info@makino-ww.com


November 2022
... Living with Trees ...



October 2022



September 2022
... Mosses supporting barren land ...



August 2022
... Seeking the Light ...

A gap is a space that is suddenly created in a forest when a large tree falls or otherwise (including human-caused cases). When a gap allows light to shine into the forest, the surrounding trees begin to compete for this light. Compared to conifers, broadleaf trees tend to grow by bending over in seek of light. If you find a large space in the forest, it is worth observing the surrounding trees.



August 2022
... Light beautifies moist forests ...


July 2022
... Green curtain  ... 

Supporting photography in a beautiful mixed forest of cypress and zelkova trees, 112 years after planting. It is believed to be an attempt to grow high-quality zelkova lumber by suppressing zelkova branching with surrounding cypress. It is said that the purpose of the project was to use the wood for military purposes, but looking at books on the use of wood left behind from the Meiji era, we can see that many things were considered, and we surmise that the project was done as an advanced and high-level effort to secure superior timber.



July 2022
... Laboratory under construction  ...