Analysis of aroma chemicals of Himekomatsu


木工家・樹木効能研究家(27年) 牧野泰之 Yoshi-yuki Makino




While most people are familiar with the aroma of steam-distilled essential oils when it comes to fragrance chemicals, there is little information on fragrance components emitted from wood. Especially for wood that is not widely distributed, there is almost none (probably because it has been thought to be of no use.) At the time in 2018, I did not have a profound purpose in mind when it came to analyzing the fragrance chemicals from Japanese white pine (Himekomatsu) wood. The major turning point came when I was surprised by the types of constituents emitted from the analysis and the names of these constituents were revealed. We attempted to identify the major aroma components by collecting the gas components released from the wood and analyzing the components using a heat desorption-GCMS method.

Eight pieces of Himekomatsu wood (natural dried wood, L100L100R20) from Hida Takayama were prepared as test pieces. Care was taken not to mix the same logs. Those specimens were placed one each in a 10L volume Tedlar bag, degassed, and then filled with 8L of clean air. After 24 hours from the start of filling, 0.4 L of air in the bag was collected in an adsorption tube. The GC temperature increase conditions were 50°C-(3°C/min)-230°C (10 min).


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Kuniyasu Ito of the Gifu Institute of Life Technology for his practical assistance in this analysis.