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Scent-bag for GOOD SLEEP Advanced reservation

HIMEKOMATSU, a brand that supports sleep with wood Ingredients, will finally release its first product. Prior to the opening of the shopping site, we will be offering a limited number of advance reservation to enable customers to purchase the product before it goes on sale to the general public. Please register as soon as possible (e-mail address, number of items you wish to purchase, and country , as the offer will end when the planned quantity is reached.


Price: 3,850 yen
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Product Description

This product is an scent-bag for a good night's sleep filled with Kanna shavings of Himekomatsu (Japanese white pine / five needles pine), which grows wild in the Hida Takayama. We use carefully selected Himekomatsu, which is grown in the mineral-rich geology of Hida Takayama. Among the volatile components is bornyl acetate (*1), which is effective in inducing sleep, promoting sleep, and improving skin quality. Shavings by Kanna (planes), which has a larger surface area than a piece of wood and is cut cleanly without crushing the conduit of the wood, is very suitable for the inhalation of bornyl acetate because of its extremely high component volatility.

Volatilization from shavings is so low in concentration that the fragrance cannot be felt, but the latest EEG measurements have shown that the recovery (calming) of θ-band activity in the occipital region is more pronounced than that of highly concentrated components (2022.4 Results of joint research between FUSHI and Kyushu University*2). It is precisely the slight volatile components that heal people, as if they were in a forest. (At concentrations where people can sense the fragrance, it is counterproductive because it has an arousing effect on some people.)

Before going to sleep, rub the bag lightly and breathe deeply to absorb the ingredients into your body. Place the bag near your pillow or hang it up for added benefit.

Although good sleep is not always guaranteed due to the effects of the indoor environment and physical condition, natural organic ingredients will gently support sleep.

1 "Sleep promoting effect and skin quality improving effect of (-)-bornyl acetate with sleep inducing effect" Kuniyoshi SHIMIZU, Associate Professor, Kyushu University, et al.

2 New research results will be published in a paper


削り華からの揮発は香りが感じられないほどの低濃度ですが、最新の脳波計測により後頭部のθ帯域活動の回復(沈静化)が、高濃度成分よりも顕著という研究結果を得ました(2022.4 FUSHIと九州大学との共同研究成果※2)。森の中にいるような、わずかな揮発成分にこそ人が癒されます。(香りを感じる濃度では、人によって覚醒作用が働くため逆効果)

眠る前に袋を軽く揉み、 深く呼吸して成分を身体に取り込みお休みください。枕元に置いたり吊るしておくと、さらに効果的です。


※1「睡眠誘導効果をもつ(-)-酢酸ボルニルの睡眠促進効果 ならびに肌質改善効果」九州大学准教授 清水邦義他

※2 新しい研究成果の論文発表を予定しています

Product Specifications

Material : Himekomatsu (five needles pine) shavings from Kanna, cotton

Dimension:370 × 240 × t50 (mm)

Weight:about 65g

Releasing time:about 6 months(Keep sealed except when not in use)

成分揮発期間:およそ 6ヶ月 ( 使用しないときは密封袋に入れておけば長持ちします )




HIMEKOMATSU is a brand to support good sleep. HIMEKOMATSU was developed using Hida Takayama(our region) Himekomatsu ( Japanese white pine, five needle paine, Pinus parviflora ) wood, which releases bornyl acetate, which is effective in improving sleep quality and skin quality, and researching how to efficiently utilize the effects of the chemicals, including processing methods. This is based on the results of an analysis of the effects of low concentrations of bornyl acetate from timbers on humans, commissioned by the Kyushu University Faculty of Agriculture and the Gifu Prefectural Institute of Life Technology. CURE FURNISHING™

HIMEKOMATSU(ヒメコマツ)は、人の良質な睡眠をサポートするためのブランドです。睡眠の質や肌質を改善する効能をもつ酢酸ボルニルを揮発する飛騨高山産ヒメコマツ材を使い、加工方法なども含め、いかに効率良く成分効能を活かせるかを研究し開発されました。九州大学農学院と岐阜県生活技術研究所に分析を依頼し、木材からの低濃度 酢酸ボルニルによる人への影響を分析した結果に基づいています。