December 2022

FUSHI HOUSE stands on a 6,600 square meter site in a mountain forest. Forty percent of the site is a coniferous forest (cypress, red pine, Japanese white pine, etc.) planted about 50 years ago. Another 40% is a broadleaf forest with native trees such as chestnut, Japanese oak, and magnolia. The remaining 20% is a lumber yard and buildings. We considered building in the forest, but we thought that further development would only worsen the environment, so we chose to remove the old buildings near the public road. As a result, the site is close to the public road, and the broadleaf forest is separated from the road by the building, ensuring a living environment where people can face nature.

 FUSHI HOUSEは敷地面積2,000坪の一角に建つ。敷地の4割は50年ほど前に植林された針葉樹林(ヒノキ、アカマツ、ヒメコマツ等)。また4割はクリ、コナラ、ホオノキ等が自生している広葉樹林。残りの2割に木材土場と建物がある。森の中に建てることも考えたが、これ以上の開拓は環境を悪化させるだけだと考え、一般道近くの古くなった建物を撤去しその場所に建てる選択をした。結果、一般道からは近く便利な上、建物で道路から分断された広葉樹林が広がり、自然と向き合える住環境を確保することができている。