MARCH 2023

FUSHI HOUSEは自然素材でできています。そしてどれもが周辺で採取された素材です。2F外壁や内装は木材を使用して、1F外壁は石積み。かつてこの土地が石切場だったこともあり、とても近しい素材。自然界において石は鉱物界に属し、不変の存在として時に信仰の対象とされてきました。今回は、少し離れた猪臥山(いぶせやま、飛騨市)の岩盤から作られた割栗石を使用して外壁を積み上げています。近年の合理性を求めて作られた建築とは相反しますが、私たちが古来から石に抱いてきた感情を現代人にも湧き立たせるようです。

FUSHI HOUSE is made of natural materials. The exterior and interior walls on the second floor are made of wood, and the exterior walls on the first floor are masonry. The materials are very close to each other, as this land used to be a quarry. In the natural world, stone belongs to the mineral world and has sometimes been considered an object of faith as an unchanging existence. In this case, the exterior walls are piled with broken stones made from the bedrock of Ibuseyama (Hida City), which is located a short distance away. Although at odds with the architecture of recent years, which has been built in pursuit of rationality, it seems to evoke in modern people the same feelings we have had toward stone since ancient times.