What words cannot describe 言葉では表せないもの


When I asked him to saw the lumber, he told me that this was a tree from XX in Takayama City. I was surprised that this was true, since I knew where the logs were cut when I purchased them, and I asked them how they knew, but they just said that they somehow knew. I have had the same experience several times in the past. At first, I thought they were judging by the appearance of the wood, such as the tightness of the grain, but recently I have begun to think that they are smelling the difference in the subtle aroma of the wood. In the biosensor research we are conducting with NICT using microorganisms, we are beginning to learn that they can tell the difference between logs and where they have grown. If microorganisms have this ability, it is not surprising that they can be found in people. I am beginning to think that there are things in nature that we cannot see or feel that we cannot express in words, and that perhaps there are more such things.